Human Power is teaming up to bring the first DIVERSITY & INCLUSION conference to Newcastle on Tuesday 10th October, 2017.

Human Power is teaming up to bring the first DIVERSITY & INCLUSION conference to Newcastle on Tuesday 10th October, 2017.


Newcastle and the Hunter Region are known for a great many things, however Diversity and Inclusion in business is not currently one of them.

Although there is discrimination laws it happens every day in corporate Australia. Primarily due to ignorance and lack of exposure to diverse work environments. We want to be able to pull down barriers in a constructive way to show corporates the advantages of diversity. We want to be able to support diverse humans in participating in the economy. 

The intent of the conference is to both provide an education, a connection and an experience. It's about connecting the community and creating a collective voice.  We welcome any humans who are interested in learning, improving and sharing ideas, practices and strategies around their diversity and inclusion.

Our speakers have faced adversity, have lead inclusive businesses and specialise in diversity strategies. We encourage you to come along, and share this event with other humans in your circle.

The format of the day will include

  • A collection of keynote speakers, who will speak on gender, indigenous and disability topics.
  • a Q&A panel and
  • Newcastle Business Club Luncheon with Heidi Alexandra Pollard & Michelle Crawford as guest speakers.

Hear from our speakers including

  • Dr. Gunilla Burrowes
  • Dr. Manisha Amin
  • Emme Krystelle
  • Janelle White
  • Janet Dobbie
  • Janine Lay - Flurrie
  • Kate Haycock
  • Lynita Clark
  • Kate Ryan
  • Kavita Payall
  • Melanie Nicholson
  • Tim Strube

Resources and links

  1. Presentation on Diversity and Inclusion. Download here
  2. Business case for Diversity. Download here
  3. 100% Human at Work. See more here
  4. Diversity Wheel. Download here

Presented by UQ Power and Being More Human.

Human Power Homelessness Project

Human Power aims to harness the power of people to make a difference in Australia across eight keys global issues identified by the UN's Global Goals. The first goal is #10 Reduced Inequalities, in particular focusing on homelessness. 

The first public forum was launched in Newcastle on World Peace Day, 21 September 2016, during Global Goals Week. Prior to the Forum founders Michelle and Heidi Alexandra held approximately 20 meetings with stakeholders from across the region to get a clear picture of the dynamics impacting homelessness locally. 

About the evening...

At the start of the evening, attendees heard about the amazing work already being done in the homelessness sector as well as heard from an inspiring woman Tammy about her experience of living rough for several years.  

Attendees then participated in a cooperative discussion to create new solutions to the issue. Please see below some of the amazing ideas that the forum birthed.

Next steps

  1. Opportunity to create a collaborative strategic homelessness plan for the region. 

  2. Establishment of a steering committee charged with governance of the implementation of the plan.

  3. Need for better data and statistics to quantify the need better was highlighted.

  4. Three phased approach to this project. See more information here.

Potential Projects

  1. Creating a hub in Newcastle to provide better crisis support

  2. Emergency accommodation of 20 beds

  3. Provision of medium term accommodation

  4. Resume writing at Soul Café provided by Indie Recruitment – already commenced.

  5. Submit additions to the Homelessness app AskIzzy that are Hunter specific.

  6. Individuals offering volunteer time for various services.

  7. Refurbishment of a house for accommodation purposes.

Download the full Report here.

Sleeping Rough at Home

Families and people of the Hunter were invited to show their unity by being part of the #sleeproughathome campaign and post photos of themselves sleeping rough as a conversation starter with their loved ones. 

Coinciding with the forum, a number of churches were holding prayer sessions at their locations where members and friends could gather to pray for the homeless of the night of 21 September 2016.

We want to acknowledge and thank all the people who met with us and attended the event on 21 September 2016.

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